Dist Sensor, 4m, 0-10VDC, 24VDC, M12


S81 TOF distance sensors with range up to 4 m, with analogue output 0 - 10 V or with
Digital output and background suppression.


The sensors of the S81 series are available in two versions: S81 ... Y for distance measurements with analogue output 0-10 V or S81 ... M as sensor with background suppression with long light axis and alarm output for the signaling of a weak reception signal or when the optics are soiled. The version S81- .. Y also offers the possibility of scaling the analogue output. The laser transmitter in protection class 2 and the technology of the time-of-flight measurement ensure extraordinary precision in the distance measurement within a measuring range of up to 4 meters.

DataSensor S81-PL-5-Y03-CVP

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